A special welcome to our new TBLS families, as well as our current TBLS families. The TBLS PA  is an organization that extends free membership exclusively to The Brooklyn Latin School families, faculty and administration.  The TBLS PA is governed by our corporate bylaws and the New York City Department of Education regulation A-660.  Our mission is three-fold:

We support our students, parents, and faculty of The Brooklyn Latin School so our children can thrive in an enriched learning setting while they are here.  Since TBLS is an International Baccalaureate (IB ) school, our discipuli (students) are offered an all honors curriculum with the last two years devoted to IB diploma courses. This means we join forces with each other to provide our discipuli with a learning environment that will enable them to be on track toward graduation and earning either the IB certificate or diploma.  The PA engages subject matter experts as speakers and panels to share their knowledge and ideas at our monthly General Meetings. Your attendance at the PA meetings will give you a chance to meet other members of our TBLS community.  Your involvement in PA functions, events and volunteering will make the school year a success for everyone.  Finally, we can't say enough about how much we look forward to your support beginning with your Opt-In membership.  When you fill out the Opt-In form, you will be informed of all PA events.  This is the only means the PA can communicate with you.  A 100% participation from our TBLS families would build a strong support base for meeting our goals and creating an amazing experience for our children.


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