We appreciate all the help we can get. Get involved, join us, and sign up.  Most of the committees only last 1-2 months, from beginning of the project until the end of the event.  The TBLS PA is an all-volunteer organization and can only be successful in supporting families and the school if parents and guardians contribute their skills, time and energy to the PA.  

Serve as an officer of the TBLS PA.  Elections will be held at the May 2021 PA meeting for 2021-2022 officers. Please find out how you can help!

Email us and start the dialogue.

Can you help with website maintenance, social media, graphic design, accounting, fundraising or online auction?  Fill out the TBLS PA parent/guardian form to let us know how you can help.  Or email us at

Not sure how you can help?  The best way to learn about the TBLS PA is to attend a PA meeting.